sunny reflections

Our last ‘Open Walk’ (a few more invited groups due soon) before the App testing begins took place under sparkling sun.


We balanced on something or someone in the passageway by the tourist office, and walked backwards in silence in front of the Cathedral with the wind in our backs… and with an audience of astonished onlookers…



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Join us on 6th June for the last public walk before app testing begins

We are getting ready for the final public walk before App testing begins. (we walk with pre booked groups- get in touch if you want to know more) Join us on 6th June 2-4pm to have an input in the App content!  We will leave from Metal as usual and come back there for chat, tea and cake…

We will explore a new part of the city centre while playing games and talking about the places – like in other walks – though so far – each walk is unique!

Do join us – you can book here or on the tab on the red tab on the left (or on our FB page)- to find out more about Metal and where they are- go here.

Please share this far and wide – we don’t want anyone to miss out!

And if you haven’t been before and want to see what walks are like- just scroll down for the pictures and click to read more…


Watching Over You and Turb Swimming

Its a sunny morning and we start our walk with a question card asking ‘Who owns what?’ The shop we started from is owned by Walmart and the shopping centre we are about to enter is owned by a another company as we soon find out. So the path between them is for common use then? Does that mean we can play here? A little boy swings from the railings till his parents urge him to stop.

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Floating and Balancing on a Blustery Afternoon

It was a blustery Saturday afternoon but even with rain clouds looming, we struck out to explore with our second group of participants for Play Peterborough, some returning from the first walk. We walked backwards in silence- most of us as that is – as some chatted ; ) and watched it all unfold in such a different way. We all noticed other people’s responses – perplexed and bewildered but always smiling.


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talking future networks

This Thursday 2nd April 6-9pm join us at METAL Future Network! We will be launching the research phase for PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! We will be talking about the project’s aims and ambitions, the ideas behind the App and most importantly how to get involved through our planned participatory walks in Peterborough in May (find out more and book for participatory walks in May below)

All over the country our cities and landscapes are being redeveloped and they are becoming increasingly regulated. We believe that unless we reclaim them NOW in playful and fun ways we will NEVER be able to call them our own!

To book a place for this Thursday 2nd April 6-9pm at Future Network go the METAL website

To book a place for any of the participatory walks in May – go to our eventbrite page



Great News in the Post

Our project has received Arts Council Funding so we will start working on Play the City Now or Never – the mobile geo locative App – very soon – watch this space…

As a reminder – this is where it all started – playful prompts for Peterborough Town Square and that is where we’re heading – although, this time instead of caressing the past – we’re going to look to the future…


On pigs Ears, Mound Envy and Walking Backwards or refections on Play Cambridge Now or Never!

We are finally getting round to reviewing some of the photos and the comments participants generously shared with us during Play Cambridge Now or Never! event last week.

The walk was structured around a series of prompts – to play- to think or imagine possibilities or playscapes out of reach…

We started the walk at the station, which was busy on a Saturday afternoon. After playing ‘Cambridge Chopsticks’ on the shutters, we slipped through a tiny alleyway to the much quieter new development. The paths were lined with ‘pig ears’ – they really are called that and tea metal shapes embedded in the raised surfaces- there to prevent skateboarders from using them. We asked for alternative uses for the pigs ears.


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